Internet of Things (IoT)

Pnb build your IoT solutions for your data collection

Connect Devices to Activate the Power of Data

IoT interconnects your devices to provide you with big data to enable artificial intelligence and automation, empowering future business strategies to be more accurate and more relevant to the market. However, data is a complex thing, and as long as your project is about data, it won't be easy. To avoid making a wrong investment and slowing down your business, you need an expert to help you move forward in this complex and important habitat of the Internet of Things.

Pnb, as an IoT and cloud storage expert, we are experienced in building an integrated IoT platform that allows you to easily collect data from IoT devices and store them securely in the cloud. If you need data analytics, we can work with our core data analytics partners to analyze your data and turn them into useful business insights for you to sustainably grow and develop your business.


Pnb Internet of Things (IoT) includes:

Surveillance as a Service

People Tracking

Access Control

Equipment Tracking